Penny’s Mattress Review: Tyndall Pedic

Brief Summary:  While visiting my sister this weekend, I got the opportunity to stop by a Tyndall-Pedic store. Tyndall Pedic began as Tyndall Furniture and eventually got into the mattress business.  The owner worked with a team of foam experts to create a unique memory foam they feature inside the mattresses.


- The Tyndall-Pedics reduce the amount of bouncing and motion caused when the person you sleep with is moving on the mattress.  This keeps each person more undisturbed and not waking up.

-There are no coils inside the mattress so it does not make a sound.  No Squeaking!

- The top is tufted and the mattress feels more like a traditional mattress.

- Depending on the model you like, there are mattresses that have cool fabrics on top to help hot sleepers.

- Very Long Warranty, 20 year full warranty against manufacturer’s defects


-  The tufting on top really takes away from the memory foam feel of the mattress.  Most sagging reports I read online refer to the filling material used underneath the quilting of the mattress.  After some research on what goes inside a Tyndall-Pedic, their special memory foam is 1-2” underneath the quilting and there is little to no information about the foam used on the very top.  This leads me to believe these beds will have similar problems to a pillow top mattress that has coils.

- The warranty is for 20 years and covers any manufacturer’s defects but I found the details of the coverage to be very vague.  The salesperson at the store said it’s a case by case basis for warranty approval.  When I asked him what the sagging requirements are for warranty approval, he could not say.  I pointed out that “S” brand beds all require at least 1.5” of an impression and Tempur-Pedic requires only ¾” and would either of these be a reasonable indentation to get warranty coverage and again, no reply.  Using his exact words “It is up to our mattress technicians to decide whether or not your mattress is defective.” Red flags went up here for me.  I’ve already bought a bed from a retailer that won’t uphold the warranty because my 1.25” sag doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s requirement.  I won’t buy another expensive mattress just to have it sag and be stuck with it.  I decided to call a second location to see if a different sales person would be more knowledgeable but the second salesperson I spoke with said every mattress sags and it is to be expected.  He also wouldn’t comment on how deep an impression or indentation would have to be covered under warranty.  I really got the feeling they wanted to sell me a mattress and never see me again.

- Tyndall-Pedic does not offer a comfort guarantee on any of their mattresses.  All sales final.  Buying a mattress, depending on the sleeper, can be a difficult decision.  With only being able to try these beds in a store and not all night, I don’t feel comfortable buying a bed I can’t exchange or return if I don’t like it.  Especially if it’s an expensive mattress!

- These mattresses are in the $2,000-$5,000 price range.  They say they are better than Tempur-Pedic at a lower price but I really didn’t feel like the prices were much different.  The salesperson did negotiate on the pricing as I started to say I would be back which is another flag that he wanted me to buy it at a higher, inflated price if I was gullible enough to.

My Conclusion:

Personally, I would not buy this brand for my bed.  I did get the reassurance that I require to make such a large, long term purchase.  The real deal breaking factor is that I cannot exchange the Tyndall-Pedic if I don’t sleep comfortable on it.  The salesperson tried very hard to boast that none of his customer’s had any complaints about the beds ever but I find it hard to believe considering all the research I have done online about how difficult deciding on a mattress can be.  I cannot find feedback from non-biased consumers on this product on any complaint or compliment websites that are not related to the Tyndall-Pedic website and will continue to search for it before I make my purchase.
Rating: Two stars out of Five from the Mattress Dork!


3 Responses to “Penny’s Mattress Review: Tyndall Pedic”

  1. Jerry July 21, 2012 at 6:47 am #

    Tyndall Pedic’s??? Beware!!! We are stuck with a very overpriced, unsleepable pillow top that is abnormally hot. Several thousand bucks and I’d like to haul it to the dump. Stone faced lies about calling me back to help. No calls. Made the sale – see ya!!!!

    • Penny, M.D. August 3, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

      Thanks for the advice to our readers Jerry! That’s great for them to know. You should look into an air bed if you decide to improve your mattress- many are made with bamboo for the support system which regulates temperature with the seasons and you won’t be stuck with night sweats. Comfortaire has some great options. Thanks again!

  2. Lee September 22, 2012 at 4:44 pm #

    My wife and I purchased a mattress form tyndell pedic and everyone was great until we called and just wanted a full king instead of a full split king…. We understood that we would have to pay a delivery fee but we had to be charged for the mattress protector again (which is the only way it can be covered under warranty) non of the sheets etc. we purchased could be refunded even if we did not use them at all. We paid almost 3 k for the mattress etc and to switch out they wanted us to pay more money so the warrant is not what they make a big fuss about….. If you are not happy with the mattress you basically are screwed…. The owner acted as if he really did not care what we did as customers. He was not the super nice and accommodating man that sold us the mattress. He pretty much made us feel like we can return it for all he cares….. It was not even the cost of 300 dollars that I had an issue with it was the principle of customer service… When I first wen there he said he sold one of these mattresses to Cam Newton ( not that I cared) but I find it hard to believe if Cam Newton came in there and wanted to just exchange a mattress he would not have gave him a hard time. I am now taking this mattress back not because it was A bad product but because the service. I am eating the cost of the sheets pillow covers and matress cover and still returning it.. All because of service and not feeling like a values customer after purchasing a matress for almost 3 k

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